Hanging out at Tree Tops park


2018-05-10 Thursday, 14:00 (2 PM)


Tree Tops park! 3900 SW 100th Ave, Davie, FL 33328 . If you drive into the park and don't take any right turns after entering, you'll eventually reach a parking lot in front of a visitor center building. Behind the visitor center is a porch and little garden with benches. That's where we'll be at 2 PM, but we'll likely walk elsewhere after people arrive.


We're just gonna hang out, socialize, talk, walk around some trails, and maybe figure out something else afterwards!


I'm Philip, who you may know as having a maine coon (cat) fursona. I'm mal in the chat, and I also use the mailing lists! So far, Drifter thinks he'll come, too.

Where else has this event been posted?


Was a nice fun day, talking a lot and wandering around the entire park.