Chat FAQ

How do I log out?

Just type /quit

How do I send a DM, IM, or PM?

Both /query shark Hey shark, how's the beach? and /msg fox wassup dude work. In some clients, you can also click, double-click, or right-click on someone's name to begin chatting with them.

Are there other ways I can connect?

A more sophisticated variant of the same webclient is available here. There are also clients you can download and install. Both Pidgin and HexChat are popular and easy to use.

Are there channels other than #broward?

Yes. #broward is on anthrochat, an IRC network specifically for furries, with tons of channels on many topics. Another channel relevant to you might be #florida. Try /join #florida to join that channel, or try /list to get a list of all channels available. That's not all, though: there's not only one network for furries, but two! Furnet also exists, and also has tons of channels for furries to chat in. It's also possible to find a few furry channels on nearly every IRC network.

What is IRC?

IRC is Internet Relay Chat.